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Greetings. Following is a little background information: Born on May 12, 1948, I grew up in the Ottawa area of Canada. My father was a horticultural scientist by profession, and my mother, who had emigrated from Holland, belonged to the Theosophist movement. Although both parents had come from upper class backgrounds, they felt that lifestyle was not for them and preferred to live in the middle-class level of society. After graduating from Wilfred Laurier University in 1969, I travelled and taught in Canada, the U.S., Mexico, Europe, and in the India subcontinent where I now reside. It has been my privilege to have taught students of all ages through the years, and now, to be working with “Building Blocks”, a charitable foundation that provides free schooling for slum children. Finally, after all these years of thought, experiences, and others’ teachings gained along the way, I felt the time had come to dedicate time and energy to teaching about a very neglected area of knowledge in these modern times: our origins - the Earth's beginnings, mankind's beginnings, and related issues. It is my hope that you will avail yourself of the Edu-Origins service, especially for the sake of the young people whom you may be responsible for. Sincerely, John Lyall

OUR ORIGINS: What Every Student Should Know…

Almost every student is curious to know about our origins, and most of us have been faced with difficult-to-answer questions like, “Where did we come from? How was the earth formed? Can you tell me more about that mysterious time … Continue reading

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